Sandford Park School is embarking on an exciting new chapter in its development with the announcement that as and from September 2013, Sandford will become a co-educational school with girls eligible for enrolment into all year groups.

The decision to enrol girls to the school has been taken for a number of reasons including:

a. Fulfilment of the original intention and vision of school’s founder Alfred Le Peton.

b. Sandford is adapting to a societal shift towards co-educational schools.

c. Sandford believes its ethos and values will be maintained and enhanced by the transition to a co-educational model.

d. Significant numbers of current and potential parents and feeder schools have expressed an interest in Sandford providing a co-educational environment.

e. This move will allow Sandford to broaden its footprint in the community as well as optimising the use of our resources and infrastructure.

The Board of Governors, together with staff and members of the parent body will be overseeing the process leading up to, and after, the introduction of co-education at Sandford in August 2013.

It is our strong belief that the move to co-education by Sandford is completely in unison with the Ireland of today, the Ireland of the future and the original vision held by founder Alfred Le Peton for a co-educational school focused on a full and rounded education centred on academic achievement.